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 Alienated Alliance™

For a long time scientists have believed that humans use only 10% of their brain's capabilities. The question has often been asked, "What would happen, if we were able to utilize the other 90%?"


Could we ever realize the full potential of a human who was able to use 100% of their brains capability?


How, if it was possible, would these persons impact human society?


Would those who could, use these uniqueness as a force for good, or evil? If, it was possible for a person to use all 100% of their grey matter, or even 50%, what sort of impact would it have on those around?


What could trigger the "awakening" of such a unique variance on society?


So far, as we know us humans haven't been able to tap into the any degree of the other 90%. Its been laying there dormant throughout human history.

RSC-O-Scroll-AA 1.1a.jpg

This conundrum has frustrated our scientific and medical profession as well as cost many a neuroscientist countless sleepless night.



What if, something or someone outside our realm of understanding were to pry open the gates of our mind's cage and released these unknown capabilities that have laid dormant since each of our conceptions?


What capabilities would they be?

Would it be a person capable of super analysis, like a super computer? Or, limitless strength? Or maybe even superhuman feats? Or, even abnormal behaviour outside our common understanding of human nature?

Whoever were to be first, would either be very special and a help to humanity or someone to be very afraid of.


Welcome to the world of the Alienated Alliance™.

The above FINAL Logo was decided upon after several discarded ones by Alienated Alliance™ Creator, Aruneshwar A Singh, who designed all the logos and character costumes. Artist, Desi Butler took on the tremendous task of working with the ideas and concepts based on Aru's vision.

Its his dream that we will be able to have universe just for mature readers who are looking to enjoy mature content from our 4 divisions around the world. Setting up the universe which begins in Oceania & branches out across the globe has not been easy

Aru's character changes and costume and logo designs.

Prelim Alientated Alliance character costume & logo designs by Desi

The Alienated Alliance - THE MADNESS bac
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