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Gerry Conway, Co-Creator of
The Punisher aka Frank Castle has another Hot Take.

Writer: Malphunkson
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Every time Gerry Conway the co-creator of Marvel's The Punisher says anything about the character it makes me cringe. (He created the character with John Romita Sr and Ross Andru). 

He behaves like a person who thinks that anyone can put on Skull shirt and instantly become The Punisher.

Maybe, this is way of trying to stay relevant with one of the most mainstream creations of his. And by always pointing to this one character he action has no ownership, but as co-creator, he is hoping that he will still get recognition. Despite the character being larger than himself.

It's like he is grasping onto same at the later years of his life like a rock singer who is no longer relevant but wants to push his weight around, ie. Neil Young.

But, the whole thing in his political way of thinking is that it has to be a black man, Which is a tokenised version of the character. 


What is interesting is that there is a black version of The Punisher, The Outlaw. A black man who does wear the shirt but isn't called The Punisher.

Screenshot (241).png
Screenshot (242).png
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Punisher logo.jpg
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Outlaw, named Nigel Higgins is England's version of Punisher that first appeared in Punisher Vol. 2 #64 and was created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Douglas Braithwaite in 1992 Punisher #64.


It goes to show that Gerry has no idea about the world of his character anymore, despite coming out every 4 months or so to make ridiculous claims about a character he doesn't own the rights to since he created it for Marvel in the Amazing Spider-Man comic where Frank appears in #129.

You are probably wondering why I have such a chip on my shoulder about Gerry Conway and his takes on The Punisher, (Gerry has worked over at DC Comics for years now).


The Punisher is my Top 3 of all time greatest characters.

I own The Punisher action figure, bel buckle, necklace, tshirts, comics, collectible cards.

And gone from writing a fan fiction of creating an entirely new character from scratch.


What else would you expect from some who really likes the character as a brown skinned adult male. 

Screenshot (238).png
Screenshot (237).png

Red Dot logo and Emblem design by Aruneshwar A Singh (Creator)

Back in 2015, I wrote a short story called, Two Done Wrong, which was a story with myself trying to deal with the actual death of a family by two kids in Auckland and I wrote it as s story where Frank chases takes care of it etc.


Later Shane Evans decided to do a comic creating course at the Comic Trade store where we used the story as outline for the course.


I ended up changing everything about the character in that story with fleshing out the character and given him a background and later a wider supporting cast and turning the character into a New Zealand Special Army Serviceman (SAS) and a name, Robert Erawera Davis, aka RED DOT™.

No longer a Punisher clone, like what Gerry is suggesting. Not a token black Punisher but, an actual well thought out character from the ground up.


Now, I haven't read all The Punisher (Frank Castle is The Only Punisher) comics as I like the Garth Ennis writing the character the best. Like Frank Miller on Daredevil he fully understands the character the best. If you want to read the best Punisher comics start with The Punisher 2000 series (Marvel Knights).


Those comics have the best stories of the character. You can not go wrong with a Garth Ennis Frank Castle story.

And then go back and read the other titles before 2015 and those written later by Garth Ennis.

punisher mk_.jpg

Changes to the initial character designs and mask by Shane Evans with notes and instructions for changes  by Aruneshwar A Singh (Creator)

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