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Comic Professionals Fly the Coop Jumping the Titanic of Mainstream Comics..?

DC Comics and Marvel are being revisited by the ghosts of the past.

Writer: Malphunkson                      Illustrations: Konstantinos Petrocheilos

Only a couple weeks back I wrote a blog with art by Konstantinos Petrocheilos talking about what DC Comics and Marvel needed to do to save their comics and Intellectual Properties from their current line up up of writers and creatives.


And, now this week we see the key talent that are writing some good books from what I hear, since I don't read their comics anymore, are flying the coop. It's not new and has been happening slowly over the past couple years as they have continued to push out key talent for cheaper alternatives.


Their comics are only selling because of the title characters nothing to do with the interior story or quality of content from the two billion dollar companies.


The comic pros leaving is a wise decision. After all, I learned this at 27yrs old when after only months of getting married I was made redundant after giving 3yrs of my best to a company that didn't care that I had stayed with them our of loyalty, despite being headhunted by other companies.

kp cop.jpg
ScottSnyder ByLuigiNovi.jpg
Scott Snyder photo By Luigi Novi

I decided then and there that I owed no company anything and that I had to take care of my own self and not expect others to have the same loyalty to me that I gave to them. It was a decision that meant I had to accept responsibility for whatever decisions I made whether right or wrong. And, I have made some wrong decisions over the past 21yrs since then. But, despite that I have now found myself being able to gather others who are willing to back my risk taking and creative endeavours so that we can create amazing works of art that we can be proud of. Along the way setting up various business outlets of our own as we are shareholder employees of our business and intellectual properties.


In the end, its more rewarding to have control of your life and out yourself first. Some may called that selfish, but in business there is no such thing as being selfish. Because the bottom line is all that companies care about. Just look at the Amazon, Lord of the Rings TV Series second season debacle with New Zealand Film and TV Industry.


Anyway, as far as mainstream comics are concerned it's the 90s all over again.

Molly Ostertag.jfif

SERGIO PEREIRA writes, that Nick Spencer, Jonathan Hickman, Scott Snyder, Molly Ostertag, Saladin Ahmed and James Tynion IV would become part of a new project by Substack to create and deliver digital comics and comics-centric newsletters for the platform. The creatives will keep all the rights for their projects and be paid by Substack for content creation.


Prior to this Rising Sun Comics, US 14yrs years ago sort me out to work with them at the time I had been trying to get my Rising Sun Comics, NZ studio off the ground with the line-up of comics we've been working on these past 3yrs. Along with some new titles.


Yeah, I realised that it was better to create for myself and own my creations than to just hand them over to someone else. Of course there are risks involved. But, life without risks would be asking for too much. But, at least I get to control my destiny and not beholden to some overlord who just take and take your best and leave you high and dry.

Jonathon Hickman

I set up Plunge Enterprises NZ, Ltd after Image Comics design in the 1990s. I wanted us to have a varied amount of outlets through which I and my fellow creators could express themselves.


I set up Plunge Studios NZ as a comic publisher. PLUNGE! Convention as a community and business outlet where we, local and international creators part of our greater global connections in the comic industry. Our, SUNSPOT Magazine is published to promote our local creatives in Pop Culture alongside international creatives. All this under the umbrella of Plunge Enterprises, NZ Ltd which looks after all of the things we aspire to creative as comic book creatives.

There is nothing like working on your own creations. The joy of bringing to life that which has been swirling around in your head given life on paper or form brings with it the greatest of feelings of achievement once you see it before you.

substack logo.png
james tynion iv.jpg
James Tynion IV

Here, I am 14yrs later after I decided to create comics having found myself caught up in being a provider with the only work available being shift work from Tuesday to Sunday and having studied Filmmaking and in 2007 months after having come out of Film School found myself unable to get into the industry. 


However, all I ever wanted to do was write and  tell my stories. So, I started turning my film scripts I had been working on and new scripts into comic scripts, since comics had been my escape and passion since I was 7yrs old.


Now, so many of my ideas and stories are currently being turned into comics books, comic strips, toys, posters, graphic novels and so much more.


We even have bigger plans which we hope to implement in the future.


Why not, join us with financial support through purchasing our creations and comics through our store. And, be a part of our future endeavours.  

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nick soenser.jpg
Nick Spenser
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