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Konstantinos Petrocheilos was born in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. After he finished high school, he studied painting at the School of Visual & Applied Arts (Fine Arts faculty) of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, from where he graduated as a holder of the MFA decree. But it was since a young age that the art of storytelling and the medium of comics have earned his heart, so he decided to go ahead in 2014 and start creating his own projects thus combining his two interests, writing and illustration.

He is the creator of the comic book series 'Stilk & Metal Tim', published from Rising Sun Comics in Los Angeles, and making comic book and fantasy art for sale. Stilk & Metal Tim is a 12-issue series split into 3 arcs of 4 issues each and it is one of six more stories to follow, all part of a universe. He also serves as an illustrator for a number of other Rising Sun projects, including currently two for the New Zealand division, the comicstrip 'PJAY AND SHEEBIE: THE MODERN BEARS™' as well as the supernatural horror story '​TEMPLETON™: Torn' (oneshot), part of the Templeton universe.

Throughout the years, Konstantinos has read and collected comics of different genres and from different countries as well as books of different  thematologies, all serving as sources of inspiration for his stories. He's residing in the city of Tallinn in Estonia where he has worked as a portrait/caricature artist and as a substitute art teacher.

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Co-Creator, Artist

TEMPLETON™: Torn (Oneshot)


Mid 2021


Creator, Writer, Artist

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