DIRT web teaser title 2022.jpg

23rd January 2022

After 5 months of planning and discussing the number of books it will take to completely tell the story in the best and most artistic way, Dario sent through the final thumbnails of the panels and pages which he had drawn roughs of late last year.


I love these pencils and specially this one on the left of Pretti, the lead female character.

Now it's up to Malphunkson to start lettering and designing the Issue 1 while Dario continues with the Inks for the noir crime drama title. 

At the moment we believe 7 issues will be the final count for DIRT. 

DIR teaser TILE 2022.jpg

18th July 2021

We've begun research into a Film Script written by Aruneshwar Singh to turn it into a Graphic Novel. The project is in it's early stages and it won't be out for a while. 

But, here's a teaser Cover that Malphunkson designed using two very prominent plants growing in the Fiji Islands, where the story is based. 

The hibiscus, a flower of beauty and the sugarcane, a natural sweetener and source of income for the cane farmers and for the islands.