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From Webtoons to Live-Action: Dr. Brain 
by Korean Writer/Creator, Hongjacga

Writer: Malphunkson

While Hollywood and Western Cinema and Television Industries have come to look at Mainstream Comics
as the source for alternative storytelling resources for the English speaking audience, Korea hass been
activively mining Webtoons, and rather successfully.

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Joined Tapas, Mar 2016

Studied music in high school and college with a specialty in the Daegeum, a traditional Korean instrument. I began my art career when I led the art team for the animated movie, My Beautiful Girl, Mari. While working as a character designer for game companies such as Wemade Entertainment, I began my first steps as a comic artist with my first published work, Dorothy Band. So far I’ve published, Dorothy Band, Cat Funeral, Hwaja, What Don't You Understand, Currently working on Anemia on Daum Webtoons.

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Dr. Brain (Korean: Dr. 브레인; RR: Dr. Beurein) is a South Korean streaming television series created by writer, director, and executive producer Kim Jee-woon. The sci-fi thriller is based on the Korean webtoon of the same name by Hongjacga. Lee Sun-kyun stars in the lead role as a brain scientist trying to solve the mysterious death of his family by hacking into the brains of the deceased. The series is the first Korean-language show produced for Apple TV+; it debuted on November 4, 2021 to accompany the streaming service's launch in South Korea.

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Director Kim Jee-woon had reportedly tried to adapt the Daum webtoon Dr. Brain, but it never went into production. In May 2019, however, he was able to go into series production with YG Studioplex.[2] For a time, the project was developed under the working title Mr. Robin


My Beautiful Girl, Mari 2002

Plot: Kim Nam-woo struggles through life as people around him constantly leave him; his best friend, Jun-ho, is going to study in Seoul and in some ways his widowed mother is "leaving" him too by paying more attention to her new boyfriend. To escape, he goes to a dream world, where he meets a girl named Mari. The story follows Nam-woo in discovering himself and maturing.

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A Werewolf Boy a classic Korean film from 2012 has also recently found itself as Webtoon. Which is a similar stance to what Mainstream Comics has done with films for decades which has been released or about to be released. 


Based on the Original Film by: CJ ENM CORPORATION and BIDANGIL PICTURES
Produced by: Tapas Media, Kisai Entertainment, and CJ ENM CORPORATION
Story Adaptation: Tessa Yadawaputri
Art: Kikuatama
Editors: Gabrielle Luu & Luccian Calvin

Published by TAPAS MEDIA 2020

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