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Our New Comic Will Save The Industry!
June 10th 2021 ©Malphunkson, Mindless Comics

DAD, a new Comic about a Solo Father who gains superpower every time he gets an erection.  (humour)

#Parody #Sarcasm #Jokes
SUNSPOT Magazine is currently conducting an interview with the creators of this new Mindless Comics release. The interview will be up soon once the world famous creators of the new DAD superhero comic character, Malphunkson, Konstantinos Petrocheilos and Some Artist.

The creators are very busy at the moment and it's been very hard to tie these three down to a sitdown interview. 

So, Zoom has been the only way we were able to catch up with the trio of very capable comic book talent.
SUNSPOT - Where did the concept for DAD aka Dad Against Doom come from?

MALPHUNKSON - Well, I was on chat talking to KP about my world tour of visiting every single Comic Store and Music shop while on tour with my Thrash Metal/KPop one-person DJ group. I told him about being frustrated at seeing how there weren't enough male oriented superhero comic books. So, I decided to make my own.

SUNSPOT - Had you ever written a comic book story before?

M - No. But, I used to read them a lot as a kid.

SUNSPOT - What exact age were you?

M - 22.


KONSTANTINOS PETROCHEILOS - We were really scratching our heads and then Some Artist called us Zkype and we had to start up that app. You know how annoying it is when you are using one app and then someone using another one? Anyway, he suggested we all drink some hot Japanese Sake since its winter down there in New Zealand and Sake is good for such an occasion. "Warm the ole cockles," were his exact words.

SOME ARTIST - What the hell dude! You make us Kiwis (The kiwi is an indigenous bird of New Zealand. And since WW2, the local human population have come to be known as Kiwi/s around the world), sound like cold people whose hearts are only warmed by drinking a heated foreign alcoholic beverage!

KONSTANTINOS PETROCHEILOS - Come on. I said no such thing. You are putting words in my mouth...

SUNSPOT - At this point our interview took a turn for the worst for 30 minutes, before Malphunkson decided to scream at the pair.

MALPHUNKSON - Pull ya head in*, you punch of packers! (*Colloquial Kiwi term.) 

SUNSPOT - Our interns several hours Googling trying to find what was meant by that colloquial outburst. They learned that it's something alpha or caring males say to their weaker or ignorant counterparts, but not always - to sort themselves out. meaning that one should weigh the matter of his actions, or take mindful action. This is often said in times of misbehaviour that's devoid of commonsense, but, of course not always. There have been various similar descriptors, but these were the closest our intern could find in time for this article. Sadly, my editor later suggested that we could have saved our interns wasting all that valuable time, if I had just asked Malphunkson directly via email after the interview.

MALPHUNKSON - Good, that's settled then. SUNSPOT, you can carry on with your bloody questions. (To, KP and SA) I don't want to hear any more arguments from you two.

SUNSPOT - Yes, well as I was saying, how did you come up with the concept for the comic character?

M - After a couple rounds of hot Sake, we were feeling a little under the weather. Our thoughts were flying and I was starting to see vibrant colours like one of those black light posters...

KP - Yea, I was in the similar situation. Mine was more like that Nicholas Cage movie, Color Out of Space, or something...

SA - You're all a bunch of weak *ss mother*******!

SUNSPOT - Once again the interview was about to go off the rails. But, thankfully their editor stepped in to settle them down. Stating that, either pulled their heads in or, she would cancel the project, despite the fact that the 6 issue series was already printed and sitting in the warehouse waiting on orders.

M - Right, so as, Some Artist was saying, we were drinking and I was telling them about the tour when he told us a story about being a kid reading all these books about real life serial killers and how his big sister would never let him watch horror movies with her.

#literature #author #self-publishing #shortstory #newzealand #poetry #sciencefiction #crimedrama #standup #comedy

D.O.D Parody cover v0.1.jpg
mambo, he finds that in the excitement of it all, he gains superhuman strength. This leads to the lady from the date to suggest he use his new power to become a vigilante and take out criminals that the police or the courts have been lax or unable to bring to justice.

So, he spends the rest of the month looking after his kids, getting them to school, working double shifts trying to put bread on the table, keep the bills paid like any good parent should. While, at the same time researching his new powers.

SUNSPOT - Which are?

M - Dude, I am getting to that. Who taught you how to interview people?

KP - (shakes head).

M - Where was I? Right, so it turns out that after some trials and errors, that he is able to use his long a** goatee as a rope to climb up tall buildings. I mean the hairs on his chin are like super strength fibers now and, the previous, 6 inch goatee is now able to grow to about a hundred meters long once he attaches it to a surface. He is basically able to swing around from building to building like Tarzan, but in the concrete jungle. There is even hair growing on his palms which helps him stick to walls.

KP - (snickers)

SUNSPOT - And your editor thought this was going to make a lot of money for the publisher?

KP - Yeah, she kept badgering us to get it completed in time for the next Avengers movie release. You know, so they could get free marketing off the popularity for superhero characters.

SA - So, I had to rush all this artwork on the project through. We only had like a month to make the 22pgs one shot cause, there were so many other Hollywood talent already making bank and the editor was pushing Malphunkson to get the script in on time. She didn't want to waste his bankability of his fame as a Thrash Metal/KPop one-person DJ group.

SUNSPOT - How long did you take to write the script?

M - Actually, I just woke up and started writing the next day and was finished within the hour.

SUNSPOT - Did your editor make or suggest any changes?

M - No, she was was happy with what I had written and it was all go from there.

SUNSPOT - So, when will it be out?

KP - Its already out.

SUNSPOT - With that they were suddenly gone offline. The interns tried to get them back online and even made global mobile calls, but no on was answering. We here at SUNSPOT, wish the DAD team all the best and hope their comic books are successful.
SA - Yeah, it left me feeling really gutted not being able to share in those moments when my big sister would go to the fun rides with her friends and I would have to stay home and not be able to take part.

SUNSPOT - How old were you?

SA - I was 6.

SUNSPOT - That's pretty young to view horror movies.

SA - Oi! You're not the boss of me. Anyway, I really hardened up after that. I decided that I should one day come up with a really cool male character that could show what it meant to be solo father in this day and age and have him portray how hard it is to raise a child on your own.

SUNSPOT - So you have children?

SA - No.

SUNSPOT - You are married?

SA - No, but I have friends that are solo dads, and man they are like real life superheroes.

SUNSPOT - Are any of you parents, and or, are married?M - No. I am happily single. So, if geeky ladies out there into Thrash Metal/KPop DJ music, I like cool night walks under street lights on concrete footpaths. I am a Pisces and ...

KP - Lets get back to the questions. No, but I am in a relationship.

M - Dude! It pays to advertise!

M - Any who. I told KP and Some Artist what I was thinking of how the character should look like and he came up with the cover you've received.

SA - Yea, so I sketched down some ideas and then showed them to the guys on Zkype. They seemed to like it...

KP - Actually, I didn't because the costume was basically a dude with a woollen balaclava with one eye hole and the other eye slot had a metal jean button covering it.KP - I had no idea whether it was supposed to be there, or not?

M - I loved it. It was exactly what I was after.

M - He Zkype'd his editor and she was all for it.

SUNSPOT - Uh, huh...

KP - I was worried that it was a bit weird. I mean just look at the plot for the comic...

SUNSPOT - What is the plot for the comic?

M - Well, its about a solo father who is raising kids on his own, as we mentioned earlier. He has this issue as a dude in his forties and uh, he has not been able to get, you know... Hard.

KP - (stifles a laugh behind a hand covering his mouth).

M - Shut up... So, suddenly he is able to, but just one day a month. And because its the opportune time for him to be out trying to go on dates leading up to that day so that he can fulfil the horizontal
NB: DAD is not an actual comic book. We put this together as a PARODY piece to showcase the state of mainstream comics and how its failing the industry.
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