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 Cancel Culture or Just Good ole Book Burnings? 

  Two dystopian examples from Fahrenheit 451 to Equilibrium   

March 8th 2021 © Malphunkson™

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The return of Puritanism pushed by the Woke Cultural Activists ended Dr. Seus.

Its a strange day when people start banning books.

One thing we know from history is that art and literature are the first two things to go in when countries or societies move from a democratic rule to oppressive regimes.

Because art and literature are important outcomes of expression of our human desire to communicate and express our inner most thoughts, ideas and feelings. Art and literature are manifestations of these feelings and desires given physical form allowing us as human beings to express our yearnings for freedom of expression, thought and movement across borders and oceans.

Art and literature needs to remain unfettered from Cultural Mobsters, Race Grifters and Clout Chasers for

art and literature burning scene from Equilibrium

To see the lunacy of a vocal minority remove objects of art of literature because their feelings are hurt or they perceive some sort of offence in these works and thus the entire world are bereft of its benefits to the world seems like puritanical behaviour to say the least. As well as being able to decide for themselves and not a small minority who decides to choose for all others. The west is not a communist culture. 

In the original, Fahrenheit 451 (1966) film based on writer, Ray Bradbury's novel a futurist, Fireman goes around burning books as part of the government's objective to remove them from spreading ideas of free

that cause people to have feelings, like books, paintings and music. 

Again under government mandate.

The sad thing right now isn't that its a

government or country removing art and literature but, tiny groups of faux outraged social media activists, multi-national companies (for financial gain, though most carry losses as it has the opposite affect, and elitists lecturers looking to make a name for themselves by having a paper published in a cancel culture environment as they clout chase.


I wonder how many of these same people will look back in a decade or two and realise their massive mistakes in twisting our culture and society for fame or fortune? And would they apologise or denounce their misguided efforts in destroying western society in their Puritanical efforts?

I highly doubt it.

us a free and just society to flourish and prevail from those who would like to rewrite history for the sake of hurt feelings or pandering. And we must stop those who advocate bannings.

If you look at the communist gulags under Stalin from 1930-1950 those who were pushed out of society first were the artists & writers.

thought, speech, expression, feelings and wrong emotions. In this society there is no room for love, only fear.

The more recent film, Equilibrium (2002) starring, Christian Bale's has a Cleric (see above vid). Writer/Director, Kurt Wimmer took the concept further by portraying a dystopian future where special taskforces remove items from society


These types have no regard for what results from their work, for they only think about the now and not future generations.


What we saw with Dr. Seuss may seem small and a drop in the bucket but, along with all the drops over the past decade this will have an overall impact in the grand scheme of our western societies.

Whats to say that we aren't heading towards the Fireman or a Clerics type society?

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