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SUNSPOT Magazine™

SUNSPOT™  is a Mature Readers Comic Book & Pop Culture that aims to promote local and global creatives associated with Plunge Enterprises NZ and with Rising Sun Comics.


To showcase what New Zealand and especially Whangarei has to offer in the arts as related to the illustrated medium of Comics, Manga and the various sub-genres of Gaming and Cosplay.


How we aim to do this is through short complete or ongoing Comics, Strips, Interviews, Articles and Reviews.

Print or Digital Release

We will release the magazines at least once a year via a digital release and then look to put out a presale order for a printed version. As a huge fan of the print medium we believe that there is nothing like holding a magazine or comic book or manga in your hand, despite how easy it is to get hold of a digital version. There is no special connection to a digital version so, we want to make the print release our priority for SUNSPOT™.

Also, with a print version we can have stickers, posters and cards for you the reader to have along with the magazine.


We will be releasing the first digital version in early 2021. There will be promotional material on social media closer to the date.

Mature Readers?

As a publisher we believe in the Freedom of Creativity and Speech when it comes to Art. And as such, we felt that it would be better to have a Mature Readers format to the SUNSPOT™ so that we, and our creatives can put out their best works the way they would like it to be showcased to the world.

At the end of the day we want the Art to speak for itself and as Creatives ourselves its up to the Creatives to stand behind their own published works.

SUNSPOT Magazine


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