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email to come on as a guest.

1. Live. 2. Recorded. 3. Platforms to watch on Facebook or YouTube. You pick how you watch.

The live schedule for PlungeCast™ will be the SECOND SUNDAY and FOURTH SUNDAY at 2pm live New Zealand Time every month.

PlungeCast™ Livestream Podcast

Starting with 14th August, we will be doing a regular podcast, PlungeCast as part of our initiaive to raise awareness and talk to local and national and those that work with us in Plunge Studios NZ.

The focus is to get an inside view into the workings of those who are in the Pop Culture genre. This includes fans, collectors, sellers, promotors and most important, the Creatives and Artists themselves.

We will have guest hosts act as interviewers as well as panels. The aim is work as discuss art and fandom with those who love all that it incorporates.

This includes everyday folk as well as famous or well known ones as well as those just getting starting. This falls under our corporate and community mandate to focus on the Pop Culture Creative Community.

You may or may not have seen some of the ones we have done over the past several years, which were carried out on a casual basis. ose who are based in NZ first. However, with our panel ones we will open up to other countries.


Please note these podcasts will be done LIVE, there will be no edits or cuts. The livestreams will be recorded and then upoloaded on our Plunge Studios NZ YouTube page after for those who have missed out.

If, you are an artists or collector, or a promoter of Pop Culture related art or creative based in New Zealand please contatc us.


We will give preference to those who are based in NZ first. However, with our panel ones we will open up to other countries.

The first inaugaral for PlungeCast will feature, Corto Champoux. A local Artist and Writer of the new comic book, The True North.

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