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The Circle is created by Aruneshwar A. Singh and Written & Illustrated by MALPHUNKSON™.

The 6 issue Film Noir story tells the tale of four University students who gather every Friday night to play tabletop games. On one such night, one of the four introduces the others to a game he has invented, The Circle. The game is an accumulation of Truth or Dare and Achievement Hunting. The game starts of with simple questions and then leads the four into very dangerous and criminal activities as the are exposed to their truths, lies and crimes.

The Circle is based on a Student Feature Film directed by Aruneshwar A. Singh.

Please Note this mini-series is a Mature Readers title and is available for purchase here.

The Circle #1 of 6_001.jpg
The Circle #2 of 6_001.jpg
The Circle #4 of 6 FINAL 2019
The Circle #5 of 6 DEC 2019 FinalJpeg_00
The Circle #3 of 6 Final_001.jpg
Circle issue #6 2019 Final cover.jpg
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